Salsa Humor in Memes

When someone incorrectly tells you what you are thinking as if they know your thought process and can read your mind according to the look on your face, it is super annoying.

However, when someone does pretty much the same thing and captions random internet photos, it’s quite amusing. Apparently these are called “memes”…and even animals aren’t safe.

Applying Suede Heel Tip Wraps to Dance Shoes

Option #1: With a Rubber Band

Situate the wrap so that the thickest flap  will lie flush with the inside of the heel

Situate the wrap so that the thickest flap will lie flush with the inside of the heel

Suede Heel Wrap for Latin Dance ShoesSuede Wrap

Press the flaps down around the heel

Suede Heel Wrap for Ballroom Shoes

Secure the suede wrap to the heel with a rubber band. This option allows for easy removal and reapplication of the suede wrap when desired.

 Option #2: With Shoe Glue


Starting the same as option #1 above, situate the wrap so that the thickest flap will lie flush with the inside of the heel


Carefully snip off the extending flaps. Trim both in a curve and a straight line for different areas to achieve an optimal fit

wrap7The cut out should match the shape of the heel bottom

wrap8 Use shoe glue, or even super glue to adhere the suede piece onto the heel.

 Suede heel wraps can be found here on our website.

The Woman is the Picture, the Man is the Frame


I believe this is true of traditional roles men and women play in relationships off the dance floor, too…and I also believe couples can only dance at the level of the least able dancer.

Relationships and Salsa dancing have a lot of parallels… a dance with a stranger is kind of like a relationship…there’s a leader and follower, it can be serious or silly, funny or sexy, frustrating or exhilarating…and sometimes all of the above in just one song.

Even if the picture doesn’t fit perfectly in the frame, whether it’s too big or too small, too meek or flamboyant, too fine or rough around the edges…dancing with different partners allows us to experience some sort of paradigm shift that gives us a different experience of ourselves, which can result in self-discovery, perhaps even improvement…and ultimately even more awareness of when a good fit is found.

Bringing Non Salsa Friends to a Salsa Club

Salsa - You either Love it or it's just not your thing!

Salsa Dancing – People usually either Love it or it’s just not their thing!

Have you ever wished you could convert a non Salsa friend into a Salsa friend? Wouldn’t it be great to have at least a few “cross over” friends that you could do regular stuff with like get physic readings and go accent pillow shopping and then follow it up with a night of fun at the local Salsa club? Have you ever brought a non dancing friend to a Salsa club in hopes they might just possibly like the music, the dance, the scene, ANYTHING enough to want to share your insatiable Salsa habit with you, too? If you have, chances are your friend fell into one of these CATegories (I just got a new cat, so forgive me I have kitties on the brain!):

Scaredy Cat – the friend you’ve invited TONS of times, but simply won’t go EVEN try it

Grumpy Cat – they go one time and barely make it through the night with a sour puss face

Curious Cat – go one time and they’re over it

Ephemeral Kitty – these are the friends that seem really excited about it at first and will go several times or even for several months, but then for no known reason they just kind of grow out of it – Meh!

Wild Cat – these are the friends that can have fun anywhere and are surprisingly able to keep up on the dance floor, too…they’ll be open to going from time to time, but most likely can’t be tamed to reach that Salsa addict stage because of their roaming gypsyish ways

Copy Cat – ACTUAL pre-Salsa non-Salsa friends that get bit by the Salsa flea, I mean, bug! Rarest of all! It’s like finding a rogue Salmon flavored chow bit in a bag of Chicken Meow Mix!

If you want the whole kit and kaboodle, in my opinion it’s a whole lot easier to go in the other direction; meet cool cats on the dance floor…because Salsa dancers really are a breed of their own ;)

Students’ Attitude Impacts

Every instructor likes to feel as if they make a positive impact on their students. The instructor comes to class early, stays late, is friendly and enthusiastic while energetic, no matter what else is going on in the instructor’s life.

It can be really frustrating to teach students who seem unresponsive, or worse, students who have poor attitudes. You’ve seen these students – they stand in the back and make faces during routines they dislike. They don’t follow the steps and can be a distraction because they are doing their own thing. Maybe they interrupt the class to make unreasonable requests of the instructor.

I generally put up with a lot because I enjoy teaching. But I recently ended my first experience of having a negative class. The class was frustrating and disappointing.

Of course, not every student in the class was negative. There were several students who were friendly, responsive, eager to master the routines and capable of setting their own pace without complaint when they wanted a more intense workout.  Ironically, these students made the problem students appear even more annoying. When you know you can reach some people, it makes it even more frustrating that others ignore you.

I have to wonder about what motivates a person to schedule and pay for a class in which they remain aloof.  Was it the time the class was held? Was it that their expectations were not met? Were they only seeking a place to work up a sweat instead of a movement experience?

Last month I wrote about techniques for getting motivated to teach an unfulfilling class.  Beyond professional satisfaction, typically as long as I am paid reasonably, I’ll take a teaching job because I enjoy the interactions with my students, seeing progression, making new friends – but this class this semester has changed my mind. While an instructor gets paid to teach the class, it is still necessary for the class to be worth the time and effort of the instructor.

In the future, I will not compromise my schedule, time, and effort to teach a class where I feel judged and unwanted. I have decided that teaching a class that you can’t wait to be over and wish you weren’t teaching is not only a negative experience but also one that isn’t obligatory. I am paid a small fraction of what the students are paying for the class, and the compensation just isn’t worth it to go through the aggravation of teaching a class without engaged students.

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