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Dance & Fitness Teachers: Dress like a Motivator

Picture yourself window-shopping: In one window you see a welcoming well-lit display, with fun music and cute clothes. In the other window is a chaotic jumble of clashing colors, with bad lighting and jarring music. Which storefront is more appealing?

People have a similar reaction when choosing a class to attend or an instructor to hire. Looking the part by what you wear is a key for success. Dressing appropriately can help motivate students to perform, make you look your best, and help you be seen as a professional to be respected.

Clothing can portray your personality. It can show off your sense of style, who you are or who you want to be. Start by thinking about the example you want to set and what you are teaching.

For a relaxing yoga class, wear cooler colors and soft fabrics that stretch with the body. Well-manicured fingernails and toenails are a must since they will be visible on the mat. Look for pieces that don’t ride up or bunch when you stretch so you will feel comfortable demonstrating poses without worrying about awkward glimpses of skin.

For Zumba you can have fun – bright colors add excitement to the class. Since it is all about being comfortable with your body, feel free to flaunt what you have (i.e. wear just your sports bra if you have great abs) —you’ll be a role model for your participants demonstrating the toned body they can achieve if they stick with it.

For Pilates, form-fitted clothes are best for showcasing proper form and the results of a toned firm body. Look for moisture-wicking and lightweight garments.

For Ballroom, Salsa or Latin dancing, check out the great selection of flirty, flattering styles on our site. The quality in conjunction with the price is fantastic! You’ll not only look the part but you’ll feel sexy and it will help your class or outing come alive!

People are looking at your head as well as your feet. Your hair can also help you make your outfit and shape your impression. For example, a ballerina is known for the slicked back tight bun. Consider what atmosphere you want to set for your class. Perhaps hair down and flowing for a Zen-like state, pulled back into a ponytail for some high cardio action or clipped back half way for a more formal look. Once you’ve decided on the mood you wish to inspire think about accessorizing – a fun hair band, a pretty flower, or funky barrettes.

Watch the length of your bottoms – don’t allow your shorts to be too short, you wouldn’t want them rolling up during class during a body roll! On the other hand you also shouldn’t have pants that are too long – it is important that your students can see your feet so that they will have proper alignment.

Dressing the part helps you to act the part. If your goal is to motivate your students check your attire to make sure you are sending that message! And don’t forget the best thing to wear is your smile.

What is Zumba? What to Wear to a Zumba Class?

White Ruffle Mini Mini Skirts from e.K. Clothing

The fusion of dance, fitness, and wellness culminates in cultural awareness with Zumba®, the phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. What exactly is Zumba? It’s an approach to fitness that makes working out fun. It combines the joy and vibrancy of dances such as salsa, cumbia, merengue, tango, flamenco with shimmies and shaking.

Why am I such a fan? I have seen the changes it can make in people’s lives. This is what inspires me to teach. My mother who is just shy of her 61st birthday never worked out and now actually enjoys going to the gym to her dance class. Zumba’s tagline is ‘Join the Party.’ It couldn’t be truer of the atmosphere. The entire class melts into a perfect combination of spices and mixes.

What to wear to a Zumba class? I love wearing the salsa skirts from ekclothing! I have shared my passion for this with my tri-college latin dance troupe, Pulso Latino. The outfits we have been supplied with have transformed our performance, enlivening our presentation!

Written by Janna W. in Pennsylvania

Ladies are wearing the Side Slit Ruffle Tank Dress and Halter Ruffle Dress

Written by Janna W. in Pennsylvania