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What is Zumba? What to Wear to a Zumba Class?

White Ruffle Mini Mini Skirts from e.K. Clothing

The fusion of dance, fitness, and wellness culminates in cultural awareness with Zumba®, the phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. What exactly is Zumba? It’s an approach to fitness that makes working out fun. It combines the joy and vibrancy of dances such as salsa, cumbia, merengue, tango, flamenco with shimmies and shaking.

Why am I such a fan? I have seen the changes it can make in people’s lives. This is what inspires me to teach. My mother who is just shy of her 61st birthday never worked out and now actually enjoys going to the gym to her dance class. Zumba’s tagline is ‘Join the Party.’ It couldn’t be truer of the atmosphere. The entire class melts into a perfect combination of spices and mixes.

What to wear to a Zumba class? I love wearing the salsa skirts from ekclothing! I have shared my passion for this with my tri-college latin dance troupe, Pulso Latino. The outfits we have been supplied with have transformed our performance, enlivening our presentation!

Written by Janna W. in Pennsylvania

Ladies are wearing the Side Slit Ruffle Tank Dress and Halter Ruffle Dress

Written by Janna W. in Pennsylvania

Get Creative with Easy Costume Ideas

Ammena Dance Company wearing e.K. Clothing. Photo taken by Jan Tajcnar.

Ammena Dance Company wearing e.K. Clothing. Photo taken by Jan Tajcnar.

Remember those hair commercials where they would ask you which woman used the less expensive shampoo? The two women had equally beautiful hair, the point being: “Why pay more? Buy our brand, it’s less-expensive but it still gives you fabulous hair!” Well you can take the same approach to your dance performance costumes. You probably haven’t stopped to think of this before, but sometimes the costumes you think are the sexiest or most interesting on stage are actually not the one or two-pieces they appear to be. Sometimes it’s a couple great accessories, the magic of safety pins or needle and thread, and a little creativity (blending four, five, or more pieces). With a few attractive and well chosen additions, those otherwise simple pieces can be dressed up for the stage.

It’s easy to add flair to a skirt with our Beaded Fringe Belt. It will shimmy and shake every time you do, and it has another added bonus: If you wear it with the longest downward point of fringe in the front center line of your body, it will trick the eye just slightly and create a slightly slimming effect. This can be especially effective and balancing if you’re wearing a trumpet-style skirt that flairs outward (the tapering inward will complement the outward shape of the skirt). These ladies (above) did it with our Cleopatra Skirt, adding movement and shine. 

If you’re looking to do it, you have options – you can also spice up the hips with our Hip Scarf w/ Wavy Coins – it adds a little gentle, jingling noise and an ethnic/Middle Eastern flair. You can also draw the eye upward with a glittering bra top, as seen above as well. A quick hidden safety-pinning or stitching will keep the attached top comfortably in place. That’s instant glam and drama – simply and affordably – with one of our sequined bra tops

And lastly, you can create “princess hair.” (Think Disney classics – Mulan had a flower, Pocahantas had a headband, Cinderella had a tiara, etc. Shouldn’t you accentuate this feminine feature as well as you style it to perform?) We have various flower hair clip styles, including the traditional Rose Hair Clip in a large variety of colors for a soft-and-pretty-yet-also-sexy-and-interesting look.

It’s easy to create your own unique and glamorous costumes with a few pieces from e.K. (and a little jewelry; adorn yourself in a way that fits your personality and costume/performance theme). When all is said and done, people will be asking of your outfit: “Where did you get that?” Of course, you’ll pleasantly explain your creativity and drop us a plug (“This is from e.K. Clothing!”). Oh, and you’ll be proud of the fact that you didn’t break the bank (on a look that cost up to or even over a grand because some do), yet still looked absolutely stunning when the stage lights hit you. Shop for your stage look online at e.K. Clothing, and plan your next fashionable performance with us.

Dressing Up the Dance Panty

If people are going to see them anyway, they might as well look nice, right? Our new Dance Panty is a comfortable brief to match your costume, available in different cuts and colors to suit your dance floor needs. However, when performing, you can actually dress them up a bit so that they become a costume piece themselves, rather than just blending into your look. So, the Dance Panty can actually become a “stage panty!” If you’re looking to make them a little more flashy, here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Add rhinestones and/or sequins. Either scatter them, or create an attractive pattern. (You could even go patriotic with this, wearing a red and white skirt with blue “star-spangled” panties.) Use a strong glue and give them plenty of time to dry. Be careful washing them afterward, as well – it might be better to hand-wash and let them air-dry, or set your dryer on a gentle/delicate cycle.


2.  Add a lightweight fringe, ruffle, or strand of beads. The hips are always moving when on stage, so accenting them is a good idea! Fringe, ruffles and beads would be a unique way to add some movement, so that the outfit dances with you at every shake, twist, and spin (as pictured below in costumes designed by e.K. using our dance panties and matching bras). 



Burlesque Dance Troupe La Femme Fatales before their performance at Club Ivar in Hollywood, CA

Burlesque Dance Troupe La Femme Fatales before their performance at Club Ivar in Hollywood, CA

3. Attach a lightweight, hanging belt or wrap. A matching, stoned, or differently colored belt, a la Halle Berry in Die Another Day, is also a nice idea.


From simple, convenient dance briefs to “stage panties,” there is plenty of room to add originality. And, now you have some ideas to dress them up and make them unique! Shop the Dance Panty at e.K. Clothing today, and if the mood strikes you, have fun and get creative. 


e.K. Clothing Seen On Vh1 Reality Show

Those arrogant guys who lie, cheat, don’t know how to treat a lady, and demonstrate regular disrespect to their girlfriends are disillusioned, of course. They all seem to think they have serious “game” and are a gift to the women of the world. But when we recognize one, we warn our girlfriends, and avoid dealing with him ourselves. In reality, we consider that kind of a guy a “tool.” Now Vh1 has created a rehabilitation program for such male brethren. 

Tool Academy male cast members AKA the "Tools"

Tool Academy male cast members AKA the

Premiering on January 11, 2009, the eight-episode series, hosted by Jordan Murphy, takes “nine unsuspecting bad boys” and puts them through “relationship boot-camp” with relationship counselor Trina Dolenz, as explained on the network’s website. The guys, who were secretly nominated by their girlfriends, initially thought that they would be participating in a competition for the title of “Mr. Awesome.” However, they soon realized that, as Tool Academy recruits, they would actually be “schooled in proper boyfriend behavior,” learning about honesty, fidelity, and communication. Each week, they are confronted with challenges, and the guy who demonstrates the least growth is “deemed a hopeless tool” and dismissed. “But there’s a twist,” Vh1 adds. “He must then plead his case before his girlfriend, who decides on the spot if she wants to keep him or kick him to the curb. In the end, only one man will be rewarded for his transformation with a $100,000 cash prize and the title of ‘Mr. Awesome.’”

One of the challenges in episode 2 was to learn a tango choreography with just a couple hours to practice before performing and being judged in a mini competition. When the couples performed their routines for their dance instructor, John Cassese and ballroom and TV dance judge Mary Murphy, the ladies wore dresses by e.K. Clothing, in a variety of colors to match the shirts of the men. Our rose hair clips were also popular with both the ladies and their guys.

Jeff Olde, Executive Vice President of Programming & Production for VH1, says that the show carries the hope that the good boyfriend within a tool is just waiting to be revealed. “Sometimes all it takes is a little self reflection… and eight weeks of intensive TV therapy,” he says. Dancing together can strengthen relationships, indeed. And, looking good while admiring each other’s moves can’t hurt.

About half way through the following video is the Tango Performance where our clothing can be seen! If video does not play, it can be viewed here as well.