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The Woman is the Picture, the Man is the Frame


I believe this is true of traditional roles men and women play in relationships off the dance floor, too…and I also believe couples can only dance at the level of the least able dancer.

Relationships and Salsa dancing have a lot of parallels… a dance with a stranger is kind of like a relationship…there’s a leader and follower, it can be serious or silly, funny or sexy, frustrating or exhilarating…and sometimes all of the above in just one song.

Even if the picture doesn’t fit perfectly in the frame, whether it’s too big or too small, too meek or flamboyant, too fine or rough around the edges…dancing with different partners allows us to experience some sort of paradigm shift that gives us a different experience of ourselves, which can result in self-discovery, perhaps even improvement…and ultimately even more awareness of when a good fit is found.