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2009! Happy New Year!

The previous year was one of many happenings, breaking news reports, and changes. It seemed the presidential election left no stone of awareness unturned all over the world. The Olympics introduced us to impressive athletes and gave us new world records. YouTube videos caught criminals in the act, and unfortunately, natural disasters, war, and terrorist attacks took lives and left many without homes. There were political scandals, too, making headlines along with ‘these tough economic times.’ But we were reprieved of negativity and stress by humor, as SNL episodes were on constant replay, and political comedians shined brighter with new material. Progress was made, barriers were broken, and things were constantly changing. It was a time of unpredictability, during which we all sat at the edge of our seats to see what would happen next. Yes, 2008 was a big year.

We connected via many different mediums in 2008, and shared in the events of the year together. As new media evolves – including blogging, web video, internet music services, and citizen journalism – we are continuously changing the ways we see and interpret our world. The world watched as a great shift took place in American politics, and now many are looking forward to seeing our new President, Barack Obama, bring changes to the nation. But the names Clinton, McCain, and Palin – to name a few – will not be forgotten. Now we’re paying attention. We’ll probably be eating cereal from a box with Michael Phelps on it as we watch the news, as a matter of fact. We’re far more engaged now than ever before.

And what a great way to enter the new year – aware, engaged, and excited by the possibilities. It is a time of reflection, celebration, and planning. As the new year begins, we learn from the past, live in the present, and look toward the future. Many of us have ‘resolutions’ in mind, as well. If you’ve resolved to be better in 2009 in some way, don’t let it slip away. Instead of thinking “resolution” and “obligation,” think “goal” and “motivation.” Set your goals and achieve them.

Maybe your goal is to improve your Salsa shine skills, or try a new style of dance. Maybe you want to practice your Waltz more often, perform on stage, or become a Dancesport competitor. Either way, we’ve got you covered when it comes to looking good while doing it. And, as you relax further into personal style, here’s hoping you relax your mind and breathe in happiness and joy, while removing unnecessary negativity and stress from your life.

Here’s hoping you enjoy good health, and achieve your goals in a year of excitement and good energy. Here’s hoping you further yourself professionally, physically, and personally, while striving for balance. Here’s hoping you enjoy good music, explore new artists and genres, and read good books. Keep good people in your life, and attach yourself only to the possessions worth your attention. Appreciate the little things, and find something to smile about each day. From us to you, here’s hoping that in the coming year, you’ll love, laugh, learn, aspire, be inspired, and inhale all the amazing things that 2009 has to offer.

Happy New Year!