Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Bundle Up

It’s getting to be that time of year when it’s cold outside. Walking to and from the gym or studio, it’s becoming necessary to wear a coat again.

It’s important to make sure that you bundle up when you go out during these coming months. You can catch a cold if you go outside wet with sweat. The sweat on your skin will attract the cold air, which not only will chill your bones but also leave you susceptible to catching something.

At least bring a scarf, hat and gloves to retain your heat. Your head, hands and feet are the first places for your body temperature to escape from. When you cover these areas of your body you will feel much warmer.

One fashion look that works surprisingly well is a long warm scarf. You can wrap the scarf around your head and neck while you are walking outside to get to the subway or the next club – then, once inside, use it like a pashmina to drape over your shoulders when you’re not dancing.

I’m still learning techniques for coping with temperature changes between my apartment and the gym. Last week it was really hot and stuffy inside, so before going out I stuck my arm outside the window. The air felt crisp, not cold. But once I got outside and had walked a few blocks I realized that the air had felt so invigorating in contrast to the heat in the building – and despite picking up my pace I was getting chilled.

Layers are a smart fashion choice – I’ve started keeping a cozy sweatshirt in my workout bag so once my body heat cools down after exercise I can pull it on to keep warm. I also like to layer an attractive tank under a sweater, so if the sweater is too much when I’m not just sitting still, I can take off the sweater and still look presentable.

Even when you forget to wear enough clothing in the winter, don’t forget there are other time-tested ways to keep warm. Nothing beats walking in the crisp winter air snuggled against your date with his arm around you, unless it is wearing his gallantly offered suit jacket!

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