Shopping As Exercise

It’s that time of year again, when stores begin their discounts to lure in shoppers, beginning with Veterans’ Day and Black Friday. And the holiday sales will continue through the New Year.

Want the most bang for your buck? Head to the outlets if you dare. I bravely ventured to the Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets outside of New York City for the Veteran’s Day sales. The bus ride there was only an hour and it wasn’t that crowded first thing in the freezing fall morning. While the sales ended up not being nearly as impressive as I had hoped, the selection of stores was overwhelming. My friend and I gathered at the Starbucks to plot our day. We figured out the most logical routes to hit each store on our list.

The more you buy – the more weight you carry. Remember that especially if you have to travel to get to your destination. Whatever purchase you make you will have to carry it around to the other stores, as you wait for the bus, on the subway, or walk around the parking lot trying to remember where you left your car. This can help reign in eyes bigger than arms. However, you can also remember that bags are weighted depending how much or what you buy so you are at least getting some resistance training from the purchase. The lifting of your bags to walk or the setting down and picking them up again as you hold up items and try on things counts as exercise. It’s always useful to find creative ways to enjoy a good workout.

Keep in mind that holiday sales are really stressful for employees and sometimes things can be overlooked. If you have garments with security tags make sure you see the clerks remove them all and double check your bag before you leave the store. It’s embarrassing to walk into other stores and have their sensors go off because a tag was left on your dress. Then you have to walk all the way back to the original store to have it removed safely.

We had a nice 7-hour shopping experience with an unfortunate 3-hour delayed bus ride back into the city thanks to traffic and an accident. That’s a lot of walking! We ended our day with cups of hot tea and stretching of our sore legs, arms, backs and feet.

I think I prefer shopping online with frequent yoga breaks!

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