Bringing Non Salsa Friends to a Salsa Club

Salsa - You either Love it or it's just not your thing!

Salsa Dancing – People usually either Love it or it’s just not their thing!

Have you ever wished you could convert a non Salsa friend into a Salsa friend? Wouldn’t it be great to have at least a few “cross over” friends that you could do regular stuff with like get physic readings and go accent pillow shopping and then follow it up with a night of fun at the local Salsa club? Have you ever brought a non dancing friend to a Salsa club in hopes they might just possibly like the music, the dance, the scene, ANYTHING enough to want to share your insatiable Salsa habit with you, too? If you have, chances are your friend fell into one of these CATegories (I just got a new cat, so forgive me I have kitties on the brain!):

Scaredy Cat – the friend you’ve invited TONS of times, but simply won’t go EVEN try it

Grumpy Cat – they go one time and barely make it through the night with a sour puss face

Curious Cat – go one time and they’re over it

Ephemeral Kitty – these are the friends that seem really excited about it at first and will go several times or even for several months, but then for no known reason they just kind of grow out of it – Meh!

Wild Cat – these are the friends that can have fun anywhere and are surprisingly able to keep up on the dance floor, too…they’ll be open to going from time to time, but most likely can’t be tamed to reach that Salsa addict stage because of their roaming gypsyish ways

Copy Cat – ACTUAL pre-Salsa non-Salsa friends that get bit by the Salsa flea, I mean, bug! Rarest of all! It’s like finding a rogue Salmon flavored chow bit in a bag of Chicken Meow Mix!

If you want the whole kit and kaboodle, in my opinion it’s a whole lot easier to go in the other direction; meet cool cats on the dance floor…because Salsa dancers really are a breed of their own ;)

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